Pity to see a well know Linux writer apparently not properly testing the software anymore or maybe just copy cat from old articles. QupZilla has been deprecated and is succeeded by Falkon browser since at least a few months ago, probably since 2017 already. This would have been a great chance to promote Falkon Falkon :

Even though Falkon is a KDE project it works fine if you are not running KDE. It has the option to use Kwallet for password management using GnuPG.

@Ajz I am going to tajke a look at that one, the ncie thing: itś even (also) available in my Solus linux repositories ready to install

@meneer @zandbelt Yes, Qt based. I saw the complaining about the web browser for Sailfish at the blog comments of the SailfishOS for Xperia users. Hope there will be progress... soon.

@zandbelt Cool 😀 Just checking : For Debian users, Falkon is in Debian Buster. For Ubuntu users, Falkon browser is in the Bionic repos but not Xenial repos. Also available via Snap and Flatpak

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