Lately I have been looking at chat solutions. Specifically ones that are decentralized, that federate, is open source, mature if possible and respects your privacy. The more I looked into Matrix, the more I started disliking it. And this went from storage, to the protocol, to the resources required, to how it can be controlled, how it's funded. I am going to pass on running a home server.

XMPP on the other hand. I think I will just deck out a server up to a 100% compat and enjoy that.


@ligthert All nice and such, but how to get the people you want on the chat tool of choice. I try to move to signal. Not that it is in any way perfect, but it is a lot better then whatsapp and is actually usable by the masses.

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@Eelcom This is an issue if you wish to move from one messaging platform to another. And now its messengers, but the same goes for social networks, pubs, sporting clubs etc etc. It is a fact of live if I think about it.

πŸ€” While I would l just love to have my family on a self-hosted chat solution, they are currently all on Signal. This said, when it comes to Matrix or XMPP, there are already existing communities and individuals so I can reach out to have a running start.

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