Is there like a good "system explorer"? W 

With stuff like.

* `top` output but with colors and maybe small graphs on each line.
* Graphs, in general.
* prettier `pstree`. (maybe using graphviz)
* similar for systemd packages. (graphviz here too, they can refer to each other, right?)

I know, probably, not, but anything like this?

Like can ask similar IO(iotop-like functionality) or networking/wifi. NetworkManager has been better to me than wicd, but not found a good wicd-client analog..


Is there like a good "system explorer"? W 

@jasper there is 'htop' which is a lot fancier than top. or maybe look at

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Is there like a good "system explorer"? 

@Eelcom i use htop already, found some more features now though.

Netdata a bit too webby for me? It does work fine.

Can't run it without systemd, the configs are not in there and it can't use some directories.. feel like stuff should work.

Is there like a good "system explorer"? 

mkdir -p /tmp/netdata/{lib,cache,log}/netdata
bwrap --dev-bind / / --bind /tmp/netdata /var/ netdata

But then says can't access /usr/share/netdata/web//index.html no idea how to fix that, maybe something in settings systemd hooks up or something..

Is there like a good "system explorer"? 

@Eelcom thanks for the suggestion, and like, it does work out of the box, but not quite what i was looking for i guess.

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