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We’re happy to announce that the #Fairphone 4 is now available with /e/OS software. Our collaboration with is the first of its kind, which provides users with the first 5G privacy conscious and sustainable smartphone. πŸ“± 🌿

Yesterday I spent some to to re-introduce the VLAN separation of my 'working from home' devices and personal devices. Still can't get IPv6 to work properly via Freedom combined with my Ubiquiti USG though. . With Opnsense it 'just works' hmmm

If you're a relay operator, we want to hear from you!

Take part in this study to help us understand your experience of running relay.
The survey will close on Tuesday 11, 2000 UTC.

@solene I see this as a direct threat to the OpenBSD newsletter. Where to find to the to play all this :)

Hi #Wordpress followers: I'm looking for a company/org that trains WordPress devs.

Had one bookmarked - in my network even, but cannot recall the name. IIRC it was a Dutch company and they did mix of online/classroom training. But any options are welcome.

@wholesomedonut it’s just people. Only here you get better tools to determine what you get to see

Ok losing access to my account I moved to which was rather slow and quiet. Time to give another shot :)

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