Not unexpected of course. What MVP/Axiom/Streamline putters do you think he will use?

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James Conrad Signs Two-Year Deal with MVP

James Conrad has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with MVP Disc Sports, ending a long period of speculation about where the former Innova-sponsored pro would land for the 2021 season.

Conrad, the 2019 USDGC champion, immediately becomes MVP’s highest profile MPO player — and it was an acquisition the company had been eyeing for years.

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De politie schakelt niet standaard psychiatrische hulp in bij 'verward gedrag'. Op verzoek van BIJ1 raadslid @JazieAnthony komt burgemeester #Halsema binnenkort met een plan voor betere samenwerking tussen politie en #psychiatrie in soortgelijke gevallen. #OnbegrepenGedrag


Ezra Aderhold Signs 2-Year Discraft Deal To Join Elite Team

One of the biggest free agents this offseason has signed his first disc manufacturer sponsorship. Ezra Aderhold agreed to a 2-year deal to join the Discraft Elite Team through 2022.

“I’m super pumped to be a part of Discraft on the Elite Team for the next two seasons!” said Aderhold on Instagram.

Eric Weinstein said something really powerful on "The Realignment" (paraphrased): 'Maga is our responsibility. They’re us. They are my brothers and sisters. I’m not running away from them and will not demonize them. But a cult it is (just like woke). These cults are incredibly powerful. When my family gets involved in a cult I won’t just dismiss them and cut ties, I will fight for them to get them out.' Such an eyeopener!

Just landed on Mastodon. First Toot! Let's see what's up here...

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