Grrrr my WhatsApp is broken...and in fact I do not mind... I have to inform all my contacts it is no longer available but I guess they will find out soon enough!

I will send e-mails to my customers, but it does feel great to be disconnected from Mark Z.'s chat service.

is working like a charm ;-)

@Marguerite I used WA only for my customer. I use signal for private. But it surprised me, when I removed WA, some people kept sending WA messages but they didn't get a kind of offline or not-in-use anymore :)

@MrRoubos ah thank you for this. I used WA for both customers and private contacts.

I guess I will have to just call my customers, nice contact moment, to let them know and send them an e-mail just to be complete.

@Marguerite yes that is handy and I think they appreciate the real contact 👍

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