@Marguerite an in betweener. Still checking out how the blie bird will evolve, but not a fan of lies, hate speech, racism, …


I understand. I read there are still doubts if Elon really buys the Blue Bird, but watching the timeline there I see too much of the kind you mention.

This platform is quite pleasant actually, none of those horrible things here as far as I have seen.

@Marguerite That is why I joined this platform. If Elon wants to give everyone a verified account, and make everyone liable for their own tweets, it might change the current attitude on the blue bird platform. Anyway, I am here to stay.
Would love to see some browser extensions for this platform.

@noelbellen me too, I will stay here. It is another kind of platform. I find myself choosing time for this.

The Blue Bird had become a habit and I had it open all the time. Which caused me headaches sometimes, because of the nasty remarks people made (not to me by the way, but to others).

Here we seem to have another attitude. I prefer this one.

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