AoE2 tournament update: The ECL Africa 2v2 stage starts this Saturday! So EscapeAoE just released an overview of the brand new map Rift Island that's was picked for this stage: boosted

some useful trebuchet terf imagery I came across in a book yesterday

The openage modding API details are out New features like "Relics chopping wood" will be possible now. This will change my forest nothing game 💪

I guess I have to start working on again now 😎

Team TyRanT has been acquired by Team Secret. So cool is moving into world now! Announcement was during Nili's Apartment Cup last Saturday, video here:

Nili's Apartment Cup day 4 is just starting. Watch the best pro players compete at All the details from the tournament are on AoEZone

Nice remix to start the morning with: AoE2 SFX Remix - The Rule of the Relic

A must watch video for all new players: Setting Up For Success - AoE2 New Player Guide by ZeroEmpires boosted

@mdbraber heb je al aangemeld voor het register? Dan kom je ook op de site te staan.

Want to know more about Age development? Watch or listen to the latest Talk of the Empire with the project lead of the expansions and the new Age of Empires Definitive Edition Bert Beeckman aka Cysion.

SFtech, the team behind the open source Age of Empires II engine , just joined ! You can support with your ++ code and now also with a small donation

Now playing: Shamburger - Age of Empires II [Acoustic] (ft. insaneintherainmusic)

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