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A must watch video for all new players: Setting Up For Success - AoE2 New Player Guide by ZeroEmpires boosted

@mdbraber heb je al aangemeld voor het register? Dan kom je ook op de site te staan.

Want to know more about Age development? Watch or listen to the latest Talk of the Empire with the project lead of the expansions and the new Age of Empires Definitive Edition Bert Beeckman aka Cysion.

UserPatch v1.5 Beta R6 (build 6068) was released yesterday with gate rotating!

SFtech, the team behind the open source Age of Empires II engine , just joined ! You can support with your ++ code and now also with a small donation

This is my first toot with the Autopost to Mastodon Wordpress Plugin

Now playing: Shamburger - Age of Empires II [Acoustic] (ft. insaneintherainmusic)

Now playing this awesome tribute to the AoE community: French Dandy - Mix of Empires

Interviewing while drinking and building the Lego Millenium Falcon. Awesome job Smarthy!

Fresh new 2017 uploads on YouTube: Mostly rips from Mixer LIVE and the Age of Empires presentation. Still looking for the Mixer LIVE video from August 23. I only have 3 minutes ๐Ÿ˜ญ

@mdbraber bedankt voor de 2.0 update! Homepage ziet er zo stuk beter uit.

What's a good Feudal Time? What about a Fast Castle? In his new video Spirit Of The Law and pro player TaToH crunch the numbers. Watch it at boosted

I'm supporting @Gargron on Patreon (, and you should too, if you love this place

Just a checkin before signing off. Spend most of the time tonight reading MediaWiki documentation and checking upgrade/update stuff. Quick reminder that this is not my normal job xD My skill level sucks but I think I can get it to work how I want it. For next time: Semantic MediaWiki and DataTables. I will keep you posted!

599 random matches played on ๐Ÿ˜‚ you can check your Steam data on this tool by Mitchel