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I love this story from Emily Jacobi.

When #indigenous people in #Ecuador came to their government with stories about how oil companies were destroying their lands, their narratives were ignored because they were presented orally.

They partnered with technologists to build tools that worked in the jungle. Datasets and geographically precise #maps were part of a major case that ended up protection half a million hectares!

Technology can help the #environment and #humanrights


Mijn challenge voor 2022:

Social media met data trackers ditchen door social media zonder trackers te pitchen!

Als sociaal ontwerper wil ik vanuit kunstenaarsperspectief de leuke kant van social media nog leuker te maken door de niet leuke kant ervan te deleten.

Leuk: inspiratie & connectie.
Niet leuk: misbruik van gebruikers door data trackers & profiling.

@mastodon, doe je mee??

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