UN Report on Earth's Oceans Confirms The Catastrophe Is Already Unfolding Around Us

Climate change is already having staggering effects on oceans and ice-filled regions that encompass 80 percent of the Earth, and future damage from rising seas and
melting glaciers is now all but certain.

The climate emergency is a race we are losing - but it is a race we can win if we change our ways now,


Most of world's biggest firms 'unlikely' to meet Paris climate targets

More than four fifths of the world’s largest companies are unlikely to meet the
targets set out in the Paris climate agreement by 2050.

Only a fifth of the companies will remain on
track by 2050 and more than a quarter are likely to push temperatures up by at
least 2.7C.


Climate change: Impacts 'accelerating' as leaders gather for UN talks

The signs and impacts of global heating are speeding up, the latest science on climate change, published ahead of key UN talks in New York, says.

Sea-level rise has accelerated significantly over the last five years, as CO2 emissions have hit new highs.


French researchers forecast more intensified global warming

According to new forecasts, temperature increases might even reach 6 or 7°C by 2100.

We will have more heatwaves in France, to the point that these will be systematic from 2060 onwards; for rainfall, there is a severe decrease in precipitation for the Mediterranean basin, with an increase in instances of violent rainfall


A Handful of Super-Corporations Control The Fate of The World, Chilling Report Shows

The scale at which transnational corporations operate, and the speed and connectivity they galvanise across the world is unprecedented, They have become a defining feature of the interconnected planet of people and nature, with humans as a hyper-dominant species in the biosphere affecting global patterns of ecological change.