Groff on OpenBSD is missing quite a number of fonts :(

Groff is more than just manpages, just look at pdfmom...

OpenBSD 6.6 automatic upgrade

Now running 6.6 on my laptop.
The new sysupgrade went smoothly :)

sysupgrade added to OpenBSD 6.5

In a move bound to be greeted with great enthusiasm, the newly-released Patch 012 for OpenBSD 6.5 adds sysupgrade(8) to the system.

The return of startx for non-root users

Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) has recently committed changes which restore a certain amount of startx/xinit functionality for non-root users.

OpenBSD disables DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox

On Monday, Otto (otto@) committed a small but significant change to the Firefox port.