This is my checklist of online apps and services I am currently using
checked = freedom
unchecked = I want a better alternative

[x] microblogging (Mastodon)
[x] Email (Protonmail)
[x] Cloud storage (Keybase)
[x] Search engine (DuckDuckGo)
[x] Browser (Firefox with Tor proxy)
[x] Browser mobile (Brave)
[x] Password manager (pass)
[ ] Bulletin board (Reddit)
[ ] Code hosting (Github)
[ ] Instant messaging (Whatsapp)
[ ] web hosting (Vultr)

how I can improve this towards more freedom and privacy?

@saadnpq does freedom also include self-hosted, or is that not a hard requirement?

* As for Reddit, there's Lemmy which is a (soon federated) alternative.

* IM would see WhatsApp replaced with Signal or Telegram (I find the latter to be delightfully functional, moreso than Signal, but that's my n=1). In practice, you're not going to get rid of WhatsApp completely, though, the network effect is very strong, unfortunately.

@doenietzomoeilijk Lemmy looks very promising. Thank you, never heard about it.

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