I'm quite surprised Mastodon hasn't started allowing you to enter markdown formatting, or at least a subset of it. The #ActivityPub spec supports any content-type, but even if they want compatibility, it could just be converted to html. #fediverse

@TheFake_VIP I agree, and it's notable enough that the Glitch.soc fork of Mastodon does support it.


@loke @TheFake_VIP the problem is that you can't guarantee cross client rendering, I think.

@doenietzomoeilijk @loke No, you definitely can't, but it seems everyone can render HTML, and you can easily convert markdown to that. I guess they just think it's not worth the effort and maybe the extra space on either the client or server sides.

@TheFake_VIP @doenietzomoeilijk there was a bug report about it and I think there is a comment to it that explains why the don't want to do it.

The instance I'm using moved to Glitch.soc some time ago, and I find the ability to use markup really useful. Being able to post longer messages is also really nice.

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