so my Mac's 'System' takes up over 400GB on my drive, that doesn't look normal to me. If I do du -d 1 -x -c -g /System it only shows 33 of those 407 though.

@ton Is this a modern filesystem like ZFS? May be snapshots.

You may also need du --apparent-size

@ton I've no idea about Mac world and releases, sorry :D

IF it's ZFS you can see this with `zfs list` and `zfs list -t snapshot`.

@ton That or some other fs doing snapshots as well.

May also be backups from previous updates.

Anyway, both is used for roleback operations.


Thanks :) I had the impression that Apple may use this as well because fdisk reports (also) Apple for such a partition 🤔

Anyway, I still put my money on snapshots :)


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