Every day, at 11:00, my laptop beeps. And if I resume my laptop after 11:00, it beeps right then.

Quite certainly anacron. But I have no idea what cronjob, or systemd timed service etc is running this.

Also, `beep` command does not work, so I have no idea what command is causing this beeping sound. Also not what hardware is producing it: it sounds like a piezzo speaker, and comes from inside my laptop.

It's weirding me out.

@berkes wouldn't be a way to monitor processes/logs and find out what happens at 11?

@rmdes Good suggestion. /var/log* nor systemctl turn up any candidate at or around 11:00. I'm beginning to suspect some snap/app running in the background with its own update-checker or timer mechanism.


@berkes @rmdes by systemctl you mean `journalctl --since '10:59' --until '11:01'`, right? ;)

@berkes also, you sure it's not an application somewhere? Thunderbird notifications sound a bit tinny, for example, might be something like that? What if you make sure you have no X session at all running at 11:00?

@doenietzomoeilijk That's a really smart idea, actually.

I can probably exclude thunderbird, since that is disabled to avoid interuption most of the day. It was not running at 11:00 yet I did hear the beep. Still could be gnome-calendar or somesuch. AFAIK I don't have alarms set at 11:00 though. I've been on this for weeks now.

@doenietzomoeilijk correct. Well, I did not know about --since and --untill and used grep instead, but thats what I was tailing, indeed.

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