@flockingbird I just remembered jsonresume.org/ is a thing - is that something you'd see yourself supporting?

@doenietzomoeilijk we were planning on schema.org and hcard resume in the HTML.

So if anything, an external converter would be possible.

I haven't looked into jsonresume (I had it bookmarked, apparently🤔) but if it opens up a lot of neat exports and themes and such: certainly on the table.


@flockingbird I have no idea how widely used it actually is these days - i remember encountering it in the past, and when I encountered it again recently I thought "let's at least wave this at you folks, It Might Be Relevant". 😉

@doenietzomoeilijk Looking at the mentioned projects, and the themes, and activity on github, it is rather actively used.

I think it would make a lot of sense to have a `/@foo@example.com/resume.json` that can be downloaded or used by those external implementations.

Thanks a lot for bringing this on my radar!🙏

@doenietzomoeilijk So, spent some time turning this into an RFC. Do you mind if we mention your mastopdon profile and toot in that RFC?

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