So Microsoft is talking about a takeover of $10 billion.

If you say it quicky, it's not all that special, but let's write it differently: $ TEN BILLION DOLLARS!

For context: we're basically talking about a service that does WebRTC, the stuff that they could easily integrate into something like Teams themselves, probably witin just a few weeks. But no, TEN BILLION DOLLARS doesn't seem completely and totally outrageous...

How many refugees could you help for that money, I wonder...

The world has gone mad. Completely and totally bonkers!

WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Is in Exclusive Talks to Acquire Discord

A deal valuing the chat app at $10 billion or more could help Microsoft boost both its videogame business and its social-networking footprint.

@DoeNietZoMoeilijk 🥔 I understand the underlying reasons to do this, but think of the bigger picture here. A few hundred kilometers from their HQ there are thousands of people living in extreme poverty, looking at a big wall. Think of what that kind of money could do to help those people. How is it possible that "we" would rather spend that money on crap like Discord than to actually help people who desperatly need help?

Maybe I'm being soft here, and maybe it's because today I started donating to Care, yet another charity on my list, but I can get really, really pissed off if I think of this.

@hans because at the end of the day, that's what the Microsoft shareholders want. We can disagree all we want (and we both do), but those folks simply don't care.

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