interesting that the mastodon ios app doesnt seem to support unlisted privacy
it also renames direct to "only people i mention", which i think makes it clearer

so i just found out the reason why there's no unlisted post privacy is because there's no public timelines, but this is actually intended and not just because the feature isn't complete???

not sure how i feel about that. i mean, unlisted is currently a hack in activitypub, sure, and i'd rather see it use `toot:discoverable` instead of the hacky to/cc heuristics, but to strip it out entirely and not have public timelines is... 🤨

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@trwnh Removing the federated timeline is defensible, removing local timelines is not. Assad said on the issue, why bother with separate servers at that point?

@portpupper i browse the federated timeline as my home timeline

@Gargron @portpupper ive been muting domains and users for years, so the ftl is actually kinda pleasant to use
i realize this isn't really possible for someone starting here today, but on a snaller site they would probably be just fine


@trwnh @Gargron @portpupper I recall reading the decision had to do with the app store guidelines, allowing the global timeline is going to result in tons of nsfw content, which will get the app thrown out faster than you can say "furry pr0n".

@brunoph we've seen on the Android side, so it's not entirely inconceivable. Sure, @Tusky was eventually restored, but still.

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