Most Popular Messengers 1995-2020

My Dutch 90s-kid perspective:

1999: AIM AOL: 12 million, ICQ: 6M, Yahoo: 3M.
2006: MSN Live➕: 260M, Skype: 70M, Yahoo: 60M, AIM: 60M, G Talk➕: 4M.
2011: Skype: 220M, MSN: 180M, WhatsApp➕: 160M, iMessage➕: 40M.
2012: Skype 280M, WhatsApp: 260M, iMessage: 130M, SnapChat➕: 90M.
2020: WhatsApp: 1.6 billion, Facebook➕: 1.3B, iMessage: 514M, Telegram➕: 402M, Snap: 230M, ICQ: 11M.

Billions! And... the ICQ brand survived!? #aim #icq #xmpp

@krinkle I'm missing the multiple protocol clients like eBuddy, meebo, imo and Trillian. Such a fun time. And now we also have Matrix, Slack, Teams and Discord.


@Jelv @krinkle nou ja, Franz ( en Rambox ( bestaan wel, natuurlijk. En Adium bestaat ook nog steeds, voor de Apple-gebruikers onder ons.

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