@dublinux both, actually, Firefox for my own stuff, Chromium for work stuff. Allows me to easily keep them separated. (Yes, I'm aware of FF containers and they help, but I still need two instances of Bitwarden running, to name something).

@ScottMortimer on one hand it's super cool that this exists, on the other hand it's a bit whack that it's needed. This is such a weird timeline.

@berkes also, you sure it's not an application somewhere? Thunderbird notifications sound a bit tinny, for example, might be something like that? What if you make sure you have no X session at all running at 11:00?

@berkes @rmdes by systemctl you mean `journalctl --since '10:59' --until '11:01'`, right? ;)

@sir @sacha Memo voor mezelf: tegen Drew wordt nu *uitsluitend* nog Nederlands getoot. ;)

@amolith btw, on a slightly more serious note - same goes for the bluetooth stack that's installed everywhere, even if there's no BT hardware in sight.

@mewmew @sir Because IRC has no way of doing it. Text is sent, and after that, it's immutable. It has always been this way, so clients treat text as immutable, too. For Matrix (and other protocols like Slack), a message can be modified, the client expects messages to be mutable, and will update a view if it happens.

So *actually* Matrix message edits are a completely different thing compared to a user sending a new message to augment (correct) a previous one.

@mewmew @sir It's still perfectly possible to communicate without message edits - if you make a mistake, you can correct yourself, it's no biggie.

@sir the "IRC users get to enjoy each uttering several times if a Matrix user edits their text" certainly put me off enough to *not* be in some channels on Freenode.

Still not sure what the draw over a decent IRC client is, specifically.

@Satsuma @technomancy @kohn apart from things like crazy weather and such, 5% of crashes being caused by cars falling apart doesn't strike me as *that* outrageous - there's some pretty shitty cars on the road.

@randomdent @privacyint I don't mind images, as long as they *are* embedded, rather than a link (which leaks info) to an image on a web server. Embedded images don't need outside communication.

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