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Why the Fediverse is significant, beside privacy 

Zo, heeft even geduurd, maar er is een met een uitgebreider antwoord op de vraag die @mvz over had: Hoe start je een applicatie in Docker, en hoe zorg je dat die na een reboot automatisch opnieuw gestart wordt?

@doenietzomoeilijk combinatie van beiden gok ik. En ja, zeker leuke ontwikkeling!

Zeg, komt het omdat ik hier al een tijdje rondhang, steeds meer mensen volg en dus via-via steeds meer (en dus ook Nederlands) zie langskomen, of wordt de Fediverse stiekem toch door steeds meer mensen ontdekt?

Goeie ontwikkeling, in ieder geval!

Nederlandstalinge Lemmy gelanceerd. Lemmy is een open source alternatief voor Reddit.

On the whole I think I like the GitHub redesign

I'm thankful for Matrix at least in so far as it keeps people who want shiny features in IRC away from IRC

"Growth hacker" is just a term to hide the fact that a person has a fulltime job running privacy-invading ads at Facebook, Google and Twitter. #unpopularopnion

John Oliver shares a powerful example of what is wrong with the attitude towards #privacy and security in Silicon Valley. Don't give #GAFAM your data. It isn't safe.

RT @discoposse
RT if you’ve ever compiled a Linux kernel.

Favorite if it needed to be recompiled because you missed a driver :)

The DC mayor had "Black Lives Matter" painted onto 16th St behind the White House this morning. Street signs are also switched out ones that say "Black Lives Matter."

Although performative, this is gonna piss off a lot of gov officials, politicians, tourists, and trumpers.

#WashingtonDC #DCprotests #BLM

That's Whatsapp deleted too. Which completes removing myself from the Facebook company services. My preferred messaging apps are Signal and Threema, and I've been using them for years for 95% or so of my messages. I kept Whatsapp as a passive inbox, for some of my network, never initiating contact there, but at least being reachable through it. However over time I noticed a creeping growth of my Whatsapp interaction, something I've been try

Share the news! The latest Nextcloud Hub v19 is here 🎉

🔒Password-less authentication & more security features
📝Talk 9 with built-in office document editing @CollaboraOffice, grid view & more
🚀Improved performance & much more!

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