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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

Well, that is unfortunate. Firefox won't start properly, something to do with some bit of XML interface thingy by the look of things.

In 1986 some geothermal teams in communist Romania drilled their way into a subterranean world, a world which had been cut off from the rest of the biosphere for 5.5 million years. No food, water, sunlight, or even radioactive particles from the Chernobyl disaster had made it there, these biologist and cavers were the first. It was warm and full of toxic gases, and it had a lake that was absolutely teeming with creatures. This is Movile Cave in Romania.

The cave was filled with 33 unique and endemic species of troglobites, among them were spiders, centipedes, leeches, and many, many isopods. They fed on a thin gooey film of chemosynthetic bacteria on the water and walls, the first known example of a terrestrial chemosynthetic ecosystem.

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Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

Wat de fuck is dit nu weer, een mail van mijn verzekeraar via "Aangetekende E-mail", wie verzint zoiets? E-mail is niet te certiceren of te garanderen, iedereen die je iets anders vertelt, liegt. Een tracking-pixel in een e-mail is geen garantie dat die pixel ook wordt getoond (in mijn geval bijvoorbeeld niet, dus).

Slangenolie-verkoper in kwestie is RPost, met op de site een copyrightmelding 1999-2017 - dat schept bij mij alvast vertrouwen.

IT-kundigen bij Allianz: u heeft mijn sympathie...

if you add these two filters it will get rid of every crosspost from birdsite, and make your fediverse experience instantly better by magnitudes (same settings for both)

Het emotierijkste verhaal wordt het meest gedeeld, ongeacht waarheidsgehalte. Elmine Wijnia zoekt de details uit van 1 enkele veelgedeelde Facebook posting

The Dutch ministry of justice paid for a #privacy test of Office 365, finding a series of issues. Just one of these: 6 different companies receive user data including file names, without even a privacy policy.

I'm going to regret asking this but... uh... what's your favourite programming language and hwhy?

(boosts welcome so I can find new cool people)

Can we stop waiting to see how #zoom evolves before quitting #keybase?

Zoom was supposed to deliver a transparency report about governments demanding user data. They didn't. These are the folks who now own your encryption keys.

#DeleteKeybase #JoinKeyoxide

Why the Fediverse is significant, beside privacy 

Because big corporations are not forever.

Say about them what you will, but there IS a value in social media, they do satisfy the need, they do scratch that ancient itch of human beings to hear each other and be heard. They do it quite perversely, as a side-effect to filling their shareholders' pockets, but still, as a matter of fact.

The corporations though, do close down for all kinds of reasons.

There was a time before Twitter. Someday Facebook will disappear. Someday, YouTube will go dark.

The Fediverse, in this sense, is a toolkit, that will allow people to rebuild the Internet as we know and love it today in the future, when most companies have gone extinct.

The Internet is not a thing that "just is", it's "what people do". The Fediverse recognizes and embraces this fluid, dynamic nature: every now and then there's new servers that pop up and old that ones go down. It's not really a big deal around here. And it's... beautiful?

Zo, heeft even geduurd, maar er is een met een uitgebreider antwoord op de vraag die @mvz over had: Hoe start je een applicatie in Docker, en hoe zorg je dat die na een reboot automatisch opnieuw gestart wordt?

@doenietzomoeilijk combinatie van beiden gok ik. En ja, zeker leuke ontwikkeling!

Zeg, komt het omdat ik hier al een tijdje rondhang, steeds meer mensen volg en dus via-via steeds meer (en dus ook Nederlands) zie langskomen, of wordt de Fediverse stiekem toch door steeds meer mensen ontdekt?

Goeie ontwikkeling, in ieder geval!

Nederlandstalinge Lemmy gelanceerd. Lemmy is een open source alternatief voor Reddit.

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