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Struggling to deal with the organisations shunning the FSF for the sake of inclusivity and equality

who are still comfortable with Google and IBM's patronage, orgs who are doing a great job ensuring that the future (w/biased AI, algos) will be very unequal and shut out minorities.

(also, the Gebru/Mitchell episode)

Backupboer Backblaze lekt informatie over bestanden naar Facebook, vanwege een tracking pixel op een gesloten deel van de webinterface.
Backblaze doet het intussen af met "och ja, oepsie, we hebben het gefixt, fijne dag verder".

Kneiterharde faal van de bovenste plank.

Net onze oud-lijsstrekker en tevens #TK2021 kandidaat Dirk Poot bij #eenvandaag. Het ging over #Palantir, het dubieuze Amerikaanse bedrijf dat de EC wil inschakelen voor het bouwen van de eigen clouddienst. Net als NL is de #EU ook een #digibetocratie #1V

I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

Question for #matrix admins:

I'm thinking of trying to add "token authenticated registration" functionality to the Matrix spec, so you could hand out tokens to people and they could use them to register on your homeserver through a Matrix client.

Kind of like an integrated version of

This way you wouldn't have to choose between fully open and completely closed registration.

What do you think?

The Dutch privacy authority can't deal with the incoming number of complaints - almost 10.000 from last year haven't been processed still. Well, privacy, you know, it's just a little thing...

periodic PSA, eating the rich 

Don’t eat the rich, that’s how you get prion diseases.

Compost the rich.

Zojuist Facebook, Instagram en WhatsApp gedumpt voor Mastodon en Signal. Ben benieuwd hoeveel van mijn familie, vrienden en collega's volgen.

Dit is mijn "hello world" moment.

'Cowboys doen alles voor de commissie' artikel in @Trouw stelt misstanden in de makelaardij aan de orde. Misbruik maken van de woningnood. NVM en VBO moeten gewoon optreden!

:boost_ok: :ablobcatwave: Please boost this post if you would like the EFF to join the fediverse. :ablobcatbongo:

In a survey the EFF sent me, I suggested they create an account on the fediverse, so they can reach more supporters and support innovative free software that promotes interoperability among platforms, something they've advocated for in the past, too.

If you can boost this post, maybe I'll be able to show them that there are quite a few users who would like them here!

The EFF is the infamous nonprofit organisation that fights for privacy, government transparency, and digital freedom. Their fight is very important, and the EFF is very special to me.

You can see some of their work here

In the meantime, you can follow @eff, which is an unofficial mirror of their Twitter.

On :birdsite: @SamHarrisOrg said:
"Welcome to the panopticon...
China becomes an episode of Black Mirror"
and shared this article:

to which my response was:
"Give it 5-10 years, then we'll have it too, but with better marketing, but effectively similar.
IIRC Eindhoven has a system (in pilot?) 'similar' as shown in the head picture (Person of Interest style) ... for a snitch city project. Fighting crime and/or terrorism will be used too"

Te ranzig voor woorden, maar natuurlijk gebeurt het. Nederlandse staatssteun gaat met een korte tussenstop naar buitenlandse aandeelhouders.

(h/t @ao )

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Zo, gestemd op GroenLinks, nu de uitslagen afwachten. Ik mocht helaas het potloodje niet houden...

Gezocht. Maar kon Lijst Bureau niet vinden op het biljet. #TK2021

After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it.

Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one).

Original tweet :

"Part of the Sharing and Reuse Action (2016.31) of the ISA2 Programme will create the very first inventory of open source software, with the aim of identifying the most critical open source software and tools used by public organisations across Europe.

To ensure a comprehensive inventory, the project team invites representatives of public organisations to participate by sharing their data on the open source software used in their organisations."

In case you’re wondering if Google or Facebook, etc., will keep you secure, yes, they will try. In the same way a farmer tries to keep their sheep secure from everything else but their own knife.

Security does not imply safety.


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