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"Facebook is more than willing to sell visibility into people’s lives, unless it’s to tell people about how their data is being used."

Facebook plans to create an Instagram for kids under 13 & privacy advocates are rightfully concerned.

"IG relies on extensive data collection, maximising time on devices, promoting a culture of over-sharing... certainly not appropriate for 7-yr olds."

Original tweet :

I got vaccinated few days ago and since then this is growing on my arm. Damn it.

PSA, IMHO: Join #NoFLoC - Make sure your webserver sends this header:

Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

to opt your server (and its visitors) out of Googles Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). More info at

Terribly annoying. In The Netherlands there was no common word for 'vidcall' and now everyone is using 'zoom'.

People of NL and elsewhere, "zoom" is what a camera does, and otherwise it is a freaking brandname of a unicorn big tech corp.

Unfortunately its too late. Same as with 'google'. Tbh, competitors don't make things easy here: "I ducked it for you" or "Just duckduck it, man" .. meh.

Dear #fediverse and especially #foss and #activitypub tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At #SocialHub we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are #ActivityPub #Interoperability and #FediverseFutures within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

🇬🇧 The gold standard of data protection and privacy in the EU safeguards our freedom and self-determination.

The #GDPR must be enforced to keep it that way. Because our data is not an industrial commodity!

My plenary speech in the EU Parliament:

🇬🇧 Today at 6 PM, the online storytelling event “Coda Live: Panopticon” illustrates how facial recognition systems are misused in China, Russia & Europe.

Register now to learn more:

📝 And sign the petition to ban this technology:

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KDE: On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

If you know an iOS developer who would like to be paid to work full time on well established and well funded free software, Element is hiring!

🔃 Boosts welcome!

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