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What's your favorite formatting option for writing long posts in text editor a when writing stuff online?

(If you can, #boost this for a wider audience!)
#writing #textEditor #formatting

Promotion ongoing now also with the LED screen at the Vrijhof!

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They've just beamed down and I gotta say, I don't like Merkel's chances.

Alright, its official! You can now download prebuilt @postmarketOS images for the #OnePlus 6/T! AND on top of that, kernel updates will work exactly the same way as a normal distro.

And people wonder why I'm so bullish on not using every external service you can lay your mitts on:

> Some highly-ranked online tools for editing or “cleaning” HTML seem to be secretly injecting links into their output to push themselves and affiliated sites up the search engine rankings.

If something is free, either you are the product, or you're being leveraged to prop up the product.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority advices Dutch schools to stop using Google Workspaces as it is in conflict with the GDPR. Luckily, European, GDPR compliant alternatives exist!

Using pmOS #plasmamobile on the OnePlus 6! Performance is quite good, and works great in browsing and listening to music through Elisa. Thanks for audio support @calebccff 😄

RT @danbri is 10!

There's a lot we could say, but the main thing for now is "thanks!" to everyone who has played a part in this

New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.6 - "Born to Run" 🔥

- Improved Performance
- Custom Fonts
- Shapes to Path
- Scale Text Layers on Resizing

What do you think?


“Apple has largely ceded control to the Chinese government.

Chinese state employees physically manage the computers. Apple abandoned the encryption technology it used elsewhere after China would not allow it.”

Apple thinks “privacy is a human right.” Unless you’re Chinese.

No trillion-dollar corporation is your friend.

#Apple #privacy #BigTech #hypocrisy

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