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And the hoped-for outcome? "I think what's needed for free market and innovation is that you give people the choice."

@TheRegister in an interview with Frank Karlitschek.

PubHubs van start, samenwerking tussen twee 2021 NWO Stevin en Spinoza prijswinnaars, Bart Jacobs en José van Dijk.

Yup, @ton loopt even keihard gelijk te hebben:

> Repliceren wat al kan is m.i. niet voldoende, nieuwe handelingsmacht is nodig om te overtuigen. En ja daar begint het altijd mee, met repliceren, maar dat er mee beginnen hebben we 20 jaar geleden al gedaan, dus laten we het niet nog een keer doen en voortbouwen. Een bril die me afsluit van de wereld ten gunste van een gebrekkige replica is het niet.

"Players have a way to win monopoly together, by uniting to never buy anything, regularly collecting money on the starting square at each turn. In the end they win together against the bank which is ruined."


Lemmy Release v0.14.0: Federation with Mastodon and Pleroma 🥳


It only recently struck me how the forking threads UX in Mastodon leads to one having potentially numerous parallel discussions, all triggered by the single root post.

In this case more than 30. In all branches you can find people that aren't informed about the other branches, may ask stuff already addressed elsewhere.

And for people late to the party, the ultra-long flattened list that results from clicking the root post, would not make much sense to figure out. Lot of work.

Consumer? Client? User? Inhabitant? Resident? Citizen! Avoding the word citizen in the public sector obscures what policy making is for.


can't wait for proper gnu/linux phones so that when they break at least you have some idea why and you at least expected them to

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#InfiniTime 1.7.0 "Jackfruit" is out : manual date and time setting, new motion and step service, faster wake up and many more new features and improvements!

Enjoy this new version on your @PINE64 #PineTime!

Release note :

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I'm "still afraid to use spaces in file names" years old

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write to you, but found myself unable. Not from illness—although that came and went—but because I refuse to put something in your inbox that I feel isn’t worth your time.

This is worth it.

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Fun stuff here from @ApiPlatform. Adults and kids alike. 🧗🏿🖍

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#FollowerPower: We (@noybeu) were literally asked to spend up to € 4.000 of donations to link our #FullStack developer job posting on "career pages" or just in relevant newsletters...

If you are working in the IT sector, maybe help us by sharing this: ☺️

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