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Uh I just got DMed by the COO of Tumblr asking about hiring contractors to make us fully #indieweb compliant, and possibly even #fediverse integration. Anyone out there looking for work?

Please reply without looking it up - Dublin Core refers to:

(Boost appreciated for sample size.)

I did it. Most likely.

After nearly five years of running it on the precipice of terminal collapse, my homelab has reached a state where I do not consider it worth the effort to keep the current installation alive and running.

Time to apply the lessons learned in those five years. Time to choose a decent distro. Time to go with virtualization. Time to go with a modern filesystem that supports snapshots.

Nuke and pave, my friend, nuke and pave.

🆕 We have selected the new release managers for PHP 8.2!

➡️ (Pierrick Charron)
➡️ @sergey (Sergey Panteleev)

👴 The mentor (grandpa ;-)) RM is @ramsey (Ben Ramsey).

🥳 Congrats, and good luck!

Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.


Kmonad appears to be very promissing! I am going to run a few tests later Today. At the moment I just copied and pasted the "home row" configuration ( and it is working fine. :)

Thanks for the tips, @doenietzomoeilijk!

BTW, #Framework is also looking for an open source firmware engineer, if you know anyone who might be looking for a pretty cool job.

I have setup a Trunk instance for the #Dutch speakers.

Voor de Nederlands-taligen onder ons: de Trunk is bijna klaar. Suggesties voor lijsten hoor ik graag. Ook als je op de lijsten wilt.

Als je Trunk niet kent: het is een tool waar je mensen kunt zoeken om te volgen op de Fediverse.

Graag boosten als je NL-talige volgers hebt ;-)

Goed initiatief: Maak basis- en het voortgezet onderwijs vrij van Big Tech. Geen Google of Meta in de klas graag! eerlijkdigitaalonderwijs.petit

An amazing read about different kinds of : . Decent insight into why there's no single tool that fits all people and situations, something that's very helpful to realize for perpetual best-tool-seekers like me. 😉

(h/t one of the users of the @joplinapp forum, thanks Joel!)

Homemade burgers can be a really good end to a calm and pleasant sunday. 🍔 😊

#sunday #burgers #veggie

Tweet as if you’re on a stage, yelling to a loud and raunchy crowd. Toot as if you’re on a picknick, where you can look everyone in the eye. It’s that simple :)

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

Follow us! 🙌

#EuropeanUnion #Mastodon #Fediverse

I once again need volunteers who would be okay with appearing in App Store screenshots.

“But writers and editors, who actually do a lot of the work in the format, get lost in a discussion when it’s being led by someone who works for a company with the tagline Content is Data.” #markdown

Calling on the @EU_commission to assure software souvereignty: please adopt the best open browser, adopt, or fork Firefox to guard us from

What do we have to do to set up an *independent organisation* in Europe with an endowment from our (EU taxpayers’) money to maintain a free/open, private-by-default web browser that we legislate must be included in all operating systems made available in the EU?


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