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Even de firmware van wat lampen updaten, want het is 2021 dus dan update men de firmware des lamps. Niks bijzonders.

I'm curious - In your opinion, where should teh application menu go? MacOS and Ubuntu Unity traditionally stuff it at the top of the screen, most others plunk it right under a window title bar, some (Gnome nowadays, I think?) keep it hidden under a button.

What's the best place in your opinion?


$ mkdir -p ~/src/myproject
$ cd ~/src/myproject
$ git init --bare
$ cd ~
$ git clone ~/src/myproject
$ cd myproject

There, done. Now you have a 100% fully functional git repo that doesn’t require a network connection and supports every single git feature. Pull it, push it, branch it, revert it, whatever: it’s your own repo and you can do whatever you want with it. And you don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to a Terms of Service or share your work or trust a company you dislike.

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Poll about Facebook use, boosts welcome 

Do you still use Facebook?

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @flockingbird & @flockingbird (blog) - New project, aims to be Fediverse's alternative to LinkedIn

🌟 @Solus - Linux distribution aimed at home users

🌟 @thebench - Video channel about radiation, radioactivity and urban exploration

🌟 @catstar - Pictures of cats

🌟 @athenaproductions - Irreverent video blog about mythology, history and culture

🌟 @monviolon - Collection of free/libre sheet music and recordings, mainly traditional

I totally agree with this article and it's the reason why I will always prefer to learn by reading rather than video.

Text is the most efficient communication technology. By orders of magnitude. This blog post is likely to take perhaps 5000 bytes of storage, and could compress down to maybe 2000; by comparison the following 20-pixel-square image of the silhouette of a tweeting bird takes 4000 bytes:

graydon2 | always bet on text

#askthefediverse which #foss productivity apps do you use? And how are they integrated?

Use case: starting a new job, taking a uni course, writing a masters thesis, plus personal goals to achieve. Walking around with a massive to do list in my head.

I'm trying out apps to keep track, but they're not integrated. Think mail in one app, calendar in another, Nextcloud + deck, tasks in a notes app. Since it's not integrated, I'm often doing double work or lose track. How do other people do this? πŸ€”


p.s. Just realised there's also a PixelFed account:

➑️ @andabata

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Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

Hi all,

What do you use instead of Whatpsapp? Or what are you planning to use?
I use Threema, but unfortunately most people don't want to pay for something... :(
I don't want to use Signal, because that's based in the US.
So then there aren't much known options anymore.
What do you all use?
What should I let my friends use, who don't want to use threema?

#DeleteWhatsApp #DeleteWhatsAppDay

@amiloradovsky a wise person once said:
if you want an accurate estimate on a project's budget, ask two independent experts, then multiply their answers

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