"Dear Professor Chomsky,

We are a group of Ukrainian academic economists who were grieved by a series of your recent interviews and commentaries on the Russian war on Ukraine. We believe that your public opinion on this matter is counter-productive to bringing an end to the unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine and all the deaths and suffering it has brought into our home country."

Pattern 1: Denying Ukraine’s sovereign integrity
Pattern 2: Treating Ukraine as an American pawn on a geo-political chessboard
Pattern 3. Suggesting that Russia was threatened by NATO
Pattern 4. Stating that the U.S. isn’t any better than Russia
Pattern 5. Whitewashing Putin’s goals for invading Ukraine
Pattern 6. Assuming that Putin is interested in a diplomatic solution
Pattern 7. Advocating that yielding to Russian demands is the way to avert the nuclear war


I don't think I've ever found Chomsky compelling, nor has his political takes been all that interesting or helpful in making a better world.

Wszak paraliż postępowy i najtęższe trafia głowy.


@eldertfrancke Chomsky has held scumbag views like this even during the Bosnian/Croatian/Kosovo wars. Don't expect any decency from him.


Is there any evidence of #Chomsky being aware of Kukharskyy etal's open letter? Just "assuming he will hear about it" is not real communication. I'm not going to provide Chomsky's answer for him (I see many valid points in the open letter but others that look like speculative interpretations).

I posted a Fediverse thread [1] citing Kukharskyy et al's letter and Chomsky's interview from today.

Respectful debate is needed, not personal attacks.


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