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You don't need a good potato to make decent fries, the grease and salt cover it all up. Make of that what you wil πŸ˜‹

I agree, was just thinking out loud :)

I just got the update on F-droid, this is amazing! I'm especially happy about the syntax highlighting.

Thanks for the great app, keep it up! πŸ€“πŸ‘

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GitNex 2.3.0 just released with:

- Login via token
- Images support in file viewer
- Source code highlight in file viewer
- Offline mode(cache)
- Pull Requests list(open)
- Merge pull request
- Diff view of PR files for public repositories
- Turkish, Ukrainian and Portuguese/Brazilian language support
- Android 10 support
- Refreshed color scheme

Release notes

Play version is available for download, F-droid will soon have it.

#gitnex #gitea #android #app

This weeks music purchase: Sade - Diamond life. Great album!

PS: I've been humming 🎢"smooth operatoooorrrr"🎢 all day and I can't stop πŸ™ˆ

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Sometimes it feels like #Python is nothing but a mountain of syntactic sugar on hash tables.

"Let's create an excuse generator so that our employees can pretend they don't work for a shitty company"

Maybe they should try to make their company less shitty, that would help employees convince their relatives for real! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Ah I see. My solution would be to write a program that maps yaml to the xml that is generated. Depending on the library/language u could be done in about 100 lines of code or less.

But yea it's only a nice option if you like yaml and detest xml like me 😁.

Idk what your preferred programming language is, but I stumbled upon this library for feed generation that seems to have a pretty simple API:

@ebel I have personally stopped using RSS feeds since I got connected to the fediverse. I just follow news bots and interesting projects here and watch my timeline πŸ€“ .

Your toot made me some stuff though, and it seems that mastodon actually generates an RSS feed for each user, so you could create an account just for your projects. Just toot updates there and publish the link to the feed somewhere to reach more people. Here's the link to your feed for example: . Eating snow is new to me. Here in Amsterdam the tourists mainly snort it πŸ™ˆ

@berkes yea I actually think it's kinda cool, these annotations can be read out loud by a program to make the content more accessible to the visually impaired πŸ™‚

"World's First Phone with Appeal.” πŸ˜‚

@liaizon @tshrinivasan It's something I put together myself. It's a fairly small plugin that just focuses on tooting and not much else. You can find it here: .

For a more full featured client, check out .

I personally don't mind using the web UI for what it's good at, so I figured that it might be fun to write something more minimal to suit my needs 🀷 .

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material design takes some of the worst approaches to UI design I’ve ever seen and i wish people stopped treating everything that comes out of google’s rear end like it’s the fucking gospel

I wish there was a git commit --amend --no-edit for real life.

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Yes, it's because you are so annoyingly correct all the time, it's driving us crazy!
That would be 2 4TB wd red drives btw ^

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