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Uh, not a fan of the Spanish colonization jokes fellas.

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@Gargron Do not take them serious, dude... They're just jokes. No harm.

@Bala_Perdida There are Native Americans on and this is as alienating as it can get

@Gargron @Bala_Perdida
Really? Spain never made genocide, acts man. Read the truth, please.

@celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida the spanish were thieving murderous bastards on the American continent.

@jasper @celtmanager @Gargron Please, can we stop this discussion here? We're never gonna agree and it makes some of us uncomfortable. Thanks for your understanding.


@celtmanager @Bala_Perdida @Gargron other people have felt more uncomfortable in murderous history than simple disagreement.

Don't be such a delicate snowflake. You're not even responsible for what ancestors did. You are responsible for the your influence on the future and not helping a culture that permits hiding of crimes.

@jasper @celtmanager @Bala_Perdida @Gargron
The Colonisers are NOT even ancestors of current Spaniards as they left the country never to return. The descendants of those colonisers actually live in those countries that were colonies then.

@jgm irrelevant in multiple ways.

1) even if none came back, it is a split off from culture there. Both ends of the split keep a lot of their culture.

2) Spain had piles of gold because of this thievery back then, obviously people went back to live in Spain again too.

3) it is just you having long toes and taking everything personally. It is actually important that the propensities and the consequences are still here. And that we're responsible for our influence on the world.

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