"Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization."
--Peter Kropotkin

@trwnh (turns out the law of the jungle is also mostly cooperation but hey. He didn't know.)


@SallyStrange @trwnh he didn't? I have been told his theories were scientific because nature shows cooperation can work.

Find it a dubious claim. Nor do i really expect a fully scientific poltical theory,, btw.

Also i don't think the quote is right. It's hyperbole.

@jasper @trwnh probably, I know little about where ecological science was at during Kropotkin's lifetime and even less about the dude himself. Just responding to the quote.

@SallyStrange @jasper It's certainly an aphorism. Civilization was founded on the principle of specialization, which requires cooperation. Whereas the prior system required competition for resources in order to survive. I wouldn't interpret it in black-and-white terms.

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