Is that a lot of new sign ups i see? What's up?

Uh, not a fan of the Spanish colonization jokes fellas.

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@Gargron Do not take them serious, dude... They're just jokes. No harm.

@Bala_Perdida There are Native Americans on and this is as alienating as it can get

@Gargron @Bala_Perdida
Really? Spain never made genocide, acts man. Read the truth, please.

@celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida the spanish were thieving murderous bastards on the American continent.

@jasper @celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida As spaniard I agree 100%
Spanish fascists have their own history and they don't give a fuck about truth. We love to call them "fachas".


@Toasted not caring about the truth is pretty much a property of facism in general.

I also call them emo bois sometimes.. the way they whine seems to frequently fit.

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