@paul fuckin i learned that shit the hard way. Still trying to get comrades to shift onto here...

@Wewereseeds @paul reminder that mastodon posts are public too, and it is not particularly suitable for direct messaging.

Unless messaging groups are pretty exclusive, the data is fairly easily to extract regardless.

I also have my doubts on the security of the computers involved.

Of course, assuming no complete literal invasion of our homes, might force them out of knowing everything.

And also, probably Facebook tracks quite a lot of behavior as to where you click, which Mastodon doesn't.


@Wewereseeds @paul if people use client-side applications what can do public key private messages might be send without the instances being able to read them..

Also maybe "circles" will be added or something, ditto for keeping things in the circle. Though little more complex crypto i think.

@jasper @paul i mean you're right in that almost nothing that is widely accessible is also less secure. But it's always good to move away from actual monitoring sites

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