carbothermal reduction 

Was watching Make plastic printed circuits with a standard laser cutter | Applied Science

Been interested in carbothermal reduction, kept thinking, could copper oxide be.. and at the end he did it as a side-note. Yays!

Apparently it is really fragile there, maybe that is because it was copper oxide "dust", maybe only cold-welded a bit at the end, at best.

Wonder if a continuous copper oxide would stay more solid if you did this..

carbothermal reduction 

Zoomed it looks globules there though, seems unlikely the dust grains were that big.. Not clear to me how that happened.. hrmm how much does the reaction produce..

All the way up to 1358K and thermal capacity of copper is ~24kJ/(mol·K) so about 24MJ/mol to melt it..

Could be less since it starts maybe 200-300C seen 300C for carbothermal reduction in methane..

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carbothermal reduction 

(that picture not by me!.. tbh think about stuff not acting on it..)

Probably two oxygen atoms/copper, lets dumbly say burning the material produces 50MJ/kg (~methane) and 2H for every 1C so burn with ratios 2H+C+3O so

Seem to get 120kJ/mol with mols from the material, so ~180kJ/mol of copper.

Not accounting energy cost of reducing and heating other. Apparently not melting don't understand globbing.. If it melted, maybe you'd get wires if CuO2 density high enough..

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Looks like (pure)H2 iron oxides reduction at 550C at normal atmospheric pressure is pretty effective at converting in ~10minutes.

Been interested if you could do something like this with solar power, looks like definite yes.

Note that SEM images show the globbing despite way below melting point again, i guess iron atoms can just migrate a lot..

Ironically(counterintuitively) coarse powder reduces fasted because it doesn't make as big a blob.

Some ..

Damien Wagner, Olivier Devisme,
Fabrice Patisson, Denis Ablitzer
Laboratoire de Science et Génie des
Matériaux et de Métallurgie (LSG2M)
UMR 7584 CNRS-INPL-UHP, Nancy School of Mines
Parc de Saurupt, 54042, Nancy Cedex, France

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H2 reduction of ironoxides 

Maybe ores in practice contain other elements and some of them are removed by skimming off slag. That option is entirely missing here. At least this reaction is endothermic, so even if you have to melt it later, it may be an advantage.

Very far from actually doing something... uh maybe a tentative blog post.

Maybe just looking to what extent optics could be used to heat.

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y u no analyze hydrogen reduction? 🐱

If we can do this for fun we can definitely abolish jobs.

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Not saying it is necessarily useful to do this..

To be honest, for me, i don't need more personal development, i need to connect to people..

Been wondering if to start a collaborative group to making/promoting some clean technology..(Utrecht, the Netherlands area, maybe Eindhoven) Or at least talk to each other about them...

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