@jasper Hey, I just had been thinking it for a while so I thought I should say it:
I want to thank you for sharing my posts forward with others.
I (of course) don't keep actual statistics, but even before you followed my account you were one of my most frequent forwarders. To avoid some improbable misunderstanding, this is not about "my account getting attention/growing" (IDGAF about that), just that you know... I'm posting stuff that I think is important because I want it to be known and I appreciate your help in that.

As you may have seen in my pinned post, I am severely limited in accounts I follow, not by wish but by my recent lack of eyesight (but of course, feel free to send major things you think I missed and would find use for, if you want to ;-)).

In short: <3


@b9AcE thanks, no problem.. Feel like i should support people a bit.

I am often looking at things, trying to figure out how to balance time with knowing/giving attention to these things.

@b9AcE I think these things are pretty important.. Also Hambacher Forest.. and climate change...

There is so much going on, larger overviews are important so people can follow that instead of the individual events. Not that no-one should follow those, but just so they can have a more general idea..

Also i think i don't do _nearly_ enough outside, in real life..

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