And now I'm announcing the second and final project I'm starting today: "Memex", a new and hopefully more hackable, less crackable browser engine.

It won't support JavaScript, and instead try out some alternative ideas that aren't Turing Complete. Because I want to show The Web can be better that way.

I'll only be able to implement the absolute basics of Memex, so if any of you want it to actually be something please, please contribute!

@alcinnz i wrote a thing in javascript.. Basically a server sends patterns, and data to fill in the patterns. Patterns can also have sublists;

Into the stream, it inserts the pattern,(if not sent yet) and then the stream of objects the function_name produces.

I also got static pages going.(right now, just running the javascript server-side)

The idea is to add basic forms too, so a sublist can be extended/replaced.(bit like html forms)


@alcinnz want to eventually add javascript functions to the patterns. So things-from-the-data can be calculated a bit.(maybe this goes against your purposes, but could turn it off)

And like compressing it down more with bson, and maybe even some datatype description on the patterns.. Although i guess, this would be mostly a very minimal savings, compared to even a small image.. Though can look at it from another perspective; usablity in extreme low bandwidth w/o images..

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