A few days ago I visited the Zapatista region in Mexico. The Zapatistas are anarchists who revolted against the government in 1994, and still control a large area. I finally managed to write a blog post about my visit, and it includes some nice art from their town.

There are a lot of pictures, so maybe don't open it on a mobile connection.


#ezln #zapatista #anarchism #socialism #communism #mexico


@nutomic kindah weird you couldn't talk to people? Also, sounds like quite a few guards and security measures..

@jasper To be honest we didn't try to talk with people much, because none of us spoke spanish very well. We just tried to speak with our guide, but he was really quiet.

And the security measures seemed really minimal to me, because I had read previously that the Zapatistas were armed with rifles (which we didn't see).

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