Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)


@Ferretsyndicate they're libertarians?

Surely libertarians of any stripe would rather not have this much military spending, and surely they'd prefer it'd go to health care as opposed to instruments 99% for initiating force, even if they don't want it to go to healthcare either...


Honestly this hasn't been my experience with the libertarians I've met. They usually just use slightly fancier, polished rhetoric to defend the status quo.

@Ferretsyndicate @jasper Many "libertarians" are actually Lawbertarians, happy to support the state as bootlickers so long as they get to do whatever drugs they want and avoid building codes or environmental protection regulations on their property.

They love a strong military and an overstaffing of police forces, but god forbid you help the person dying on the street from a curable disease. Southern California has many of these types.

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