📰 America’s Crisis Daddy Andrew Cuomo Exploits Coronavirus Panic to Push Bail Reform Rollback in New York | Nick Pinto

On the other hand the NOS(Dutch News) also basically propped (nepotist, pretty-much-repugnican) Andrew Cuomo.

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📰 Cuomo's Prison Workers Say They're Not Actually Making Hand Sanitizer | Katie Way
And, of course, it's ridiculously underpayed slavery. "Cuomo claimed that the hand sanitizer would be produced by Corcraft" i.e. he was bragging about tat.

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Yes, they're brothers. And late New York Governor Mario Cuomo is the father.

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Uh it's not grabbing the image the post with the fair link.. I'll do it manually then, here's all the news outlets paying 's capitalist-friendliness with pure love.

For mastodons super-effective search, "Cuomo" does not ring a bell 🙄

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Weh is TheIntercept they too much on their own tendencies?

Like Cuomo is promoting the surveillance capitalists again, pretty sure that education venture Bill Gates promoted was a failure.

And some of the documents contains ridiculous ideas like expecting the US stay ahead in R&D when China are >4 times the population.

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"[...]all these buildings, all these physical classrooms — why, with all the technology you have?"

Suppose the sentence style isn't Trumpian, but the rest is. Also promoting a guy with discredited ideas about how to do education.


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And probably his ideas are self-serving, also with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. M$ has discounted/given away software to schools etcetera to help drive adoption. (and stop competitors' adoption)

But of course, such things are paranoid, overly negative. Only things to be applied when scary foreign nations do things. Not when goody 'mericans do things!

When goody Americans do things, you better bathe in the information and get well informed, because, oh dear, you might be wrong!

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📰 Andrew Cuomo is no hero. He's to blame for New York's coronavirus catastrophe | Lyta Gold and Nathan Robinson

At the end there suggests democrats "being better that republicans" sets a low bar.. But kindah implies this is accidental. I don't *really* think it is.

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📰 Democrats’ Secret Plan to Kill Third Parties in New York | Vivian Wang
(Jay Jacobs did the proposal, but the article seems to insist that he's a close ally to Cuomo)

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