We simply cannot say this enough:

1. Turn off your location services.
2. Turn off your phone completely when you don’t need it on.

WE are allowing THEM to create a virtual police state. #COVID19 tracking is simply a building block of systemic real-time civilian surveillance.

At the heart of this technology is money, not altruism. These companies are not non-profits. Their profit ≠ your freedom.


You control your #privacy through your choices.

#ios #android


@theprivacyfoundation it's not our choice, there are millions of people totally different from us.

We can't personal-choice this away.

@theprivacyfoundation maybe irrelevant to say i suppose since you can protect yourself here.

Found that a metal pencil case isolated a phone. (note: online shops may note outer dimensions)

(Faraday pouches have not worked for me. I think it might actually knock off a big factor of signal, but the range of signal strength phones can use is really big)

@jasper There are multiple ways by which these things are handled, but one of which is utilizing the knowledge that we are being tracked - and then make the decision on what to do with that knowledge.

When we educate others, in and outside our bubbles, about invasive #privacy countermeasures, we can give them leverage to make better decisions.

There is top-down legislation to seek. There are companies & government/business relationships to productively expose and more.

Thanks for the comment!

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