Hmm. bash is 8.2MB installed, zsh 6.2MB, lua 1.1MB. Thought bash would be tiny..

How did Damn Small Linux do it.. if bash eats 8MB of the 50MB.

ls -sS $(pacman -Ql bash |cut -f 2 -d ' ' |grep -v "/$")

Looks like most of it is translations.. Documentation files. Whereas people use one or two of them.. If package manages understood that, they might be way more efficient. (all this data needs to be sent in updates too..)

Like firefox has a tonne of -l10n- packages, that's not the solution.. It needs to be specified and automatically managed.

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Suppose it's all small fry, an single image i download might be more data.. Still kindah think ideally, it should be done.

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@Ephaemera not what i was talking about i suppose? But busybox doesn't seem to be in the package list

@jasper but then the user switches their desktop from English to Dutch and... What? Don't see anything Dutch? Wait a while for the translations to get installed? Also, different apps have different approaches to the whole language/localisation thing, and the packagers would have to support all of it.

Yeah, it might be slightly wasteful, but unless you're on really tight hardware specs, the added complexity and work just isn't worth it, IMO.

Presumably a Dutch guy who prefer English might indicate both those languages in that case? But yeah, otherwise it'd have to download it.

The applications know which files are which languages I guess, so in a way it is already specified, but currently lost to the package manager. Looks like the filenames are very suggestive, but unsure how many oddities are in there to complicate matters.

Toepasselijke gebruikersnaam @doenietzomoeilijk 🙂

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