Yeah, Mastodon is certainly better than Twitter, but you know what would make it even better?

If Mastodon got end-to-end encryption for DMs before Twitter did.

@crash what's the point of e2e if you can't verify the client anyway

@charlag @crash presumably client-side decryption would be an option for people using clients!?

Like people using the instance servers.. Maybe could do something like protonmail has, which is better than nothing, but counts for little if the server serving up the javascript is in control of the attackers..

@jasper @crash I have no idea what you tried to say in the beginning. There's no OSS twitter client and will not be.

@charlag @crash i mean Mastodon client, which do exist. And i mean that the private key for decrypting it is on the users computer instead. (i.e. the server can't decrypt it)

@jasper @crash thanks I work for the company whose primary business is e2e and I understand how it works.
I meant Twitter clients and that it's almost pointless do add e2e to Twitter. I don't understand why do you try to explain how e2e will work in Mastodon to me.


@charlag you said you didn't understand me, and i didn't know what you didn't.

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