What nobody seems to be talking about:

Due to the increased hygiene awareness and rules, fewer people than typical have been infected with other viral or bacterial infections since March.

"Our influenza season ended pretty abruptly in March. In the southern hemisphere the influenza season has gone almost unnoticed. Most other cold viruses have also become rare." (C. Drosten)

There is a lot to learn and research here.

@fribbledom This is such a good point. A pal of mine in Australia said that flu cases are down like 90%. It’s incredible what just washing your damn hands and staying home when you’re sick does. We could have been doing this the entire time!


@deneb @fribbledom wearing a mask when sick and other people around is probably a good idea too.

@jasper @fribbledom Absolutely! I’m really hoping that we can normalize wearing a mask when one’s sick from now on. I know that I will do it the next time I have a cold and need to be out for any reason.

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