@stolas so we can either complain, and they'll send in racists and not fire them because "they're not going to do neutral" or we can do nothing, and they'll just push everything to the right, and claim to be neutral.

re: sucks 

@jasper @stolas True or False: The overton window has shifted too far to the left since 2015.

re: sucks 

@anornymorse @jasper @stolas haven't decided if this is trash fire or not yet :blobcatthink:

re: sucks 

@anornymorse @jasper @stolas ostensibly a news outlet should be going to any events that are over particular sizes. although this could also be preparing for the rest of the surrender to china and making excuses not to cover anti-lockdown protests.

re: sucks 

@anornymorse @jasper @stolas at least in the US and according to Pool, support for BLM has dropped consistently and hard since the "peaceful" protesting incidents were memory holed. So they have to

- Cover the violent events too, which will upset BLM et all.
- Continue memory holing, which will upset the public.
- Not cover any of it, which will also upset BLM et all.
- "oh no guys we're getting out of politics entirely" which *might* work, but then yeh, the legitimately peaceful groups are going to be mad here because why are they getting the trash can.

sounds like a shit sandwich. :blobcatgooglytrash:
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