Messing around with graphs and sounds a bit

Basically it
1. each node has a counter deciding where to go, incremented each visit.
2. it increases the pitch for each neighbour
3. it increases the pitch with a 8 times larger step for each shared neighbour before and after a step.
4. It does nothing with the letters actually.

Silly enough i don't actually know where it is during the sounds..

The counter increments deciding where to go, it will use every edge in a subset eventually. So connected nodes are always reached. (maybe obvious i guess)

Hmm.. i guess it has more information than the graph, though, that is, the order of the edges..(and the starting position) Ah well..

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Sometimes i explain things poorly.. The pitch is (number_of_neigbours + 8*number_of_neighbours)

Here is a version you can just point at a file (if you have the dependencies.)

Also i was just curious how it would sound.. I think maybe it can be made to sound more interesting? Probably not without changing the code a bunch. (and possibly feeding in an interesting graph)

Also messed with a little yesterday. Tbh, nothing i want to particularly share from that.

Do kindah share one i made before.

It uses `X` to write out comments to enable/disable parts of orca code as they run.

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