Hmm this apple remote is working nicely with this apple running Linux. W/o me having to do anything for it.

Using this usbview thing looks like it is class Class: 03(HID ) i.e. USB human interface device, make sense it works then, still nice.

Tried to use `xte` ( ) to generate page-up/page-down from volume up/-down and back/forward to control, so i can switch tabs and go down pages with it..

But it seems to only work when i manually do it on the cli.. _not_ when the window manager calls a script, or even when the window manager writes a file which another script notices via `inotifywait`... Pretty weird and bad.

Also using it to make button presses does work..

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I should RTFM, it's mentioned there. Even mentions `xdotool` which i tried second..

The trick is to use `bind --release` to bind the commands.

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Wish that in modes could inherit from each other... see people saying it's "too complex" ..

As it is i have to copy a whole bunch of stuff in, if i really wanted to, i'd write a little script to generate the config.. now that is more complex.. :/

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