The Western capitalist world admitting that China and Russia might cure cancer and heart problems without their intellectual property monopolism.

Bill Gates - "We can't share vaccines with the Global Poor" The Westest of the West.

US FINALLY shamed into backing vaccine waivers, & their pharma megacorp shares plummet. If it wasn't for China and Russia & other counter-hegemon embarrassing the West by waiving IP rights early & getting vaccines to poorer countries, US would've kept letting millions die of covid in Global South for CEO billions.

"The Chinese woman broke up Bill Gates' marriage"
Nah, Bill's a piece of evil racist capitalist billionaire garbage who is terrible at designing schools, 'leading world health', and unsurprisingly, relationships. Nice job jumping into the Sinophobia bandwagon and manufacturing more anti-Asian racist violence, imperialism and for-profit war, though.

What's next, "The Chinese ate my homework, caused the Nazis, got Trump elected, and do all the police murderings, wildfires, and collapsing economy in US! All China!"

"I support the Chinese people destroying their country," --Westerner whos never actually talked to a single Chinese person and has no idea what they actually want and need.

China's Rocket: "Out of control, could land on an innocent neighborhood! look out!"

SpaceX Rocket: "Lands in man's farm. A gift from our Techno-King billionaire god. So cool!"

Elon Musk: "Hey I'm hosting SNL, lol. Buy Doge coin. I'm cool Iron Man IRL haha."

Westerners & European imperialists still in heavy denial: China lost tens of millions of people fighting fascism in World War II. The Soviet Union lost 27 million. The US? 400,000. China and the Soviet Union did far more than the US to save the world from fascism and didn't use nuclear weapons or fire bombs to torture civilians in the process. Sorry white supremacist capitalist empires and their stans due to hegemony mass-propaganda.

Since WWII, US and its Western allies remain the greatest force of ongoing fascist installations, for-profit war, colonial crushing and extraction around the world while acting like forces for 'human rights' and 'equality'. Hitler had a picture of American Henry Ford on his wall for a reason.

US backing fascism in Colombia as we speak: Dozens have been murdered by US-backed military siege to suppress left movements.
West fighting Nazis? More like hugging Nazis and giving'em bags of money.

US, UK and Euro allies working to fight- I mean help fascists in a coup for Bolivia's Lithium, to give it to Elon 'we will coup whoever we want' Musk for pennies on the dollar. Millions of poor and indigenous lifted from poverty, under MAS socialist party had to be crushed by US' Nazi pets, pushed back to poverty. Anez tweet: "I dream of a Bolivia free of indigenous satanic rites, the city is not for 'Indians,' they better go to the highlands or El Chaco," then gunned them down in the street.

The US and its Western / European allies benefited massively from the fascists, are fascist, barely fought the nazis in WWII (only when it became inconvenient for them) and remain the force of global fascism and capitalism around the world (fascism is the fist of capitalism and colonialism).

US: "Wait, we're stopping a fascism in Palestine- oops! No, we're backing a genocide and abominable human riots violations.
US and allies, still #1 champion of loving fascism, not fighting it!

Speaking of Russia and China doing the actual fighting against fascism in WWII, the US continues backing the far-right against R n C to this day! (unbeknownst to US' intentionally hyper-disinformed population)

"Helping (far-right Islam) against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Red army. The same doctrine can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia" --CIA

Then, after fomenting, funding all the far-right extremism, hundreds of terror attacks, the US turns around and baselessly accuses China of the 'human rights abuses' that it's *actually* committing globally, and all its West and Euro buddies help out star-spangled imperial daddy for a cut of the colonial spoils, by blasting 'human rights' propaganda based on a Nazi (Adrian 'Jews will burn in a furnace' Zenz) bogus claims, debunked for years.

The US, West and Europe: helping not just global fascism but LITERAL German Nazis still in 2021 have crackpot careers in academia, to keep fighting China and Russia. And actually HARMING the Uyghurs whose 'human rights' they purport to care about - in fact, the Westerners actually *pocketed* Uyghur salaries after costing them their jobs.

Biden Admin literally admit, "We would've let millions more die of covid for pharma billionaire profit and colonial bludgeoning... But for China and Russia getting vaccines to those who need it."
China and Russia doing the actual fighting of the war on covid 19, like they did the actual fighting in WWII.


@silverspookgames this is like a long thread and don't even try to find the truth to exaction... It looks like the general direction.

Although, while global North media often has dismal standard for evidence when it comes to official enemies, that doesn't mean none of it is true.

This whole "oh no they're gonna set a good example" part of a multipolar world is definitely an upside.

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