I read about half of the Commonmark markdown specification one sleepless night a couple nights ago spec.commonmark.org/0.30/ AMA


@douginamug so what bits are inconsistent?

I implemented it in Python once.. Didn't publish it, and did not look too closely at the standard.. (i don't publish.. a lot of things) Anyway dunno it's not super straightforward to implement, imho.

With the listings you have to count the whitespace if a line has the same amount it adds to the current item? Ditto quotes.. that's how i did it anyway.

Tables i did not even touch..

@douginamug Something like *bold _underline_* it made it bold and the bit underline. The underline is unclear too, like _underline but with space_ or do you need the underscores everywhere? Probably I guess. (my code treated it like the asterisks)

And didn't do like wings for headers. I should, they're more plaintext-easily distinguishable?

The point is a bit "easy to type and read plaintext" pretty contrary to "machine readable"

gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/ is a .. _very_ stripped-down variant.

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