An electromechanical computer 

But it's made with MEMS

Curved lithography of a light detecting chip for a camera with a curved focal plane.

(suppose this one could actually make sense, someday, somewhere?)

Can extend that silly idea with with Rik ter Horst's great idea to use electron beam lithography to make the optical sensor electronics right on the same glass.

Probably a silly idea? (but probably possible)

Wondering a bit how sensitive you can go with (electron)photoresists. (probably other concerns complicate things..)

Ion-based lithography exists too, ions being the patterning, not the deposition or doping ( )

(more silly stuff) 

Imagining a swarm of satellites chasing occultationsthat are basically just monolithic glass telescopes with chips and antenna right on the glass and attached solar panels and ion engine.

Dunno how useful that is? Probably mentioned this like years ago but really should look if the spectrum time evolution says something about either the occulting object or the source.. (dunno if these might be able to take a good "spectrum movie")

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